High Density Stacking Chairs Buying Guide

If you’re looking for new chairs for your public building that can be quickly and easily stowed away when necessary, what are your options? In the past, the go-to option was folding chairs, but these days there’s another option; high-density stacking chairs. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this highly practical type of seating…

What are high-density stacking chairs? 

As their name suggests, high-density stacking chairs are chairs which can be stacked very closely together at a 45 degree angle. 

They are typically stacked on a special trolley which is designed to specifically accommodate them. 

Because of this level of stackability, high-density stacking chairs have become a very popular option for all types of settings including: 

  • Offices. 
  • Meeting rooms. 
  • Churches. 
  • Community centres. 
  • Schools. 
  • Higher education institutions.
  • And more…

High-density stacking chairs can be stacked as much as 60 high, meaning that they are an ideal solution if you only have a small amount of storage space in your building, yet need to accommodate a large number of seated visitors. 

High-density stacking chairs vs folding chairs

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, folding-chairs have been the traditional seating option for public buildings that require seats which can be easily stowed away. 

And, folding chairs are still a great option!

Here at Rosehill we stock a wide range of folding chairs, covering many different styles and price points. 

So, why should you consider purchasing high-density stacking chairs?

It’s largely down to personal preference, but one of the main reasons people are increasingly opting for high-density stacking chairs is because of their durability. 

As opposed to folding chairs, high-density stacking chairs do not feature any moving parts. As such, there’s very little to go wrong with them.

High-density stacking chairs also tend to feature more modern designs and feel more substantial. 

But, as we say, choosing between folding or high-density stacking chairs ultimately comes down to your personal preference. They are both excellent storable seating options.

Mass High-Density Stacking Chair

Mass High-Density Stacking Chair

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What types of high-density stacking chairs are there? 

A stacking chair is a stacking chair right? Not necessarily!

In general, there are three main types of high-density stacking chair: 

  • Tubular lightweight frame.
  • Solid steel rod frame.
  • Plywood. 

It’s worth noting that the first two types of high-density stacking chair commonly feature a skid based design (i.e. parallel bars at the bottom, as per the image below). These two types of chairs are also available with a range of different poly, upholstered and laminate seats and backs.

Many high-density stacking chairs feature a skid base design

Each of these frame types have their own individual characteristics that make them suitable for different settings. 

Tubular lightweight frame high-density stacking chairs

As their name suggests, tubular lightweight frame high-density stacking chairs are designed to be lightweight, making them easy to handle and stack. 

It’s because of this property that tubular lightweight frame stacking chairs have become popular in settings where they need to be moved around by older people such as churches and community centres. 

However, because of their construction, tubular lightweight frame stacking chairs do not have quite the same level of strength as solid steel rod stacking chairs.

Solid steel rod frame high-density stacking chairs

The other most common form of high-density stacking chairs, solid steel rod frame chairs tend to be very durable, last longer than tubular lightweight frame chairs and also come with longer warranties. 

This makes them ideal for settings in which they are going to be subjected to heavy use and (potentially) abuse, such as schools, conference centres, office environments etc. 

As you would expect, this durability does come at a cost however – weight. Solid steel rod frame stacking chairs tend to be a little heavier. As such, when deciding between these two types, think about who will be moving and stacking the chairs. Although, the trolleys will help with both!

Plywood high-density stacking chairs

The third most common type of high-density stacking chairs on the market are plywood models without metal frames. 

Plywood high-density chairs are the lightest type of stacking chair, but do tend to be on the more expensive end of the price spectrum.

However, don’t be fooled by the term plywood – these are exceptionally good-looking and high-quality stacking chairs. Not only are plywood high-density chairs lightweight, but they’re strong too, with models such as our Gallery Stacking Chair being tested to EN 1728 and EN 16 139 for strength, durability and safety. 

Plywood high-density chairs are also popular in environments where aesthetics are a particularly important consideration such as churches and premium event and conference spaces. 

Specialist transport trolleys for high-density stacking chairs

The ability to stack chairs in high-density is intrinsically linked to the trolleys that are used with these chairs. 

Without using these specific trolleys, you won’t be able to stack chairs to their full amount.

Trolleys are designed to accommodate specific types of chairs. So, it’s not possible to buy a ‘generic’ trolley that will work with all types of stacking chair. 

Instead, you will need to purchase a trolley that’s designed specifically for the type of stacking chair you are buying. 

To buy the right type of trolley for your stacking chair, look for the link in the product description: 

Where to find trolleys for high-density stacking chairs

If you’re unsure what trolley you require for your high-density stacking chairs, just ask our sales team on 0161 485 1717 or email: sales@rosehill.co.uk 

How high can high-density stacking chairs stack? 

This may seem like a question with an obvious answer, but high-density stacking chairs can stack very high.

In general, models that feature poly seats and backs are the high-density stacking chairs that are able to stack the highest. 

To give you an idea of how ‘stackable’ high-density stacking chairs can be, we’ve listed some of our most popular chairs and how high they can stack on the floor or on a transport trolley below:

As you can see, high-density stacking chairs can offer a great solution if you require large amounts of seating, but only have a small amount of storage space to work with in your public building.

Matrix High-Density Stacking Chair

Matrix High-Density Stacking Chair

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Are high-density stacking chairs comfortable? 

Just because a chair is designed to allow for high-density stacking doesn’t mean it has to be any less comfortable than any other type of chair.

The key to finding a truly comfortable high-density stacking chair, is to look for models which have been ergonomically designed. This means that a piece of furniture has been designed to conform to the shapes of the human body, providing proper support to the seat, back and (where appropriate) arms. 

In many instances, it’s stacking seats which have poly seats and backs which will in fact be the most comfortable type of high-density stacking chair. 

This may seem counterintuitive – after all, upholstered furniture looks more comfortable – but it’ll be the ergonomically designed chair with a poly seat and back which will in fact be more comfortable for longer periods of use!

Where can you use high-density stacking chairs? 

Anywhere! As we mentioned earlier, high-density stacking chairs are perfect for pretty much any environment. 

Thanks to the range of different finishes available, it’s possible to find high-density stacking chairs for all environments. 

So, whether you want an easy to clean poly-based stacking chair for a multi-use environment such as a community centre, or you want a more luxurious wood-finish stacking chair for a church or auditorium, there will be a high-density stacking chair that suits your requirements here at Rosehill.

The best high-density stacking chairs

Having read all of that, have you decided that high-density stacking chairs are the best seating option for your public building? 

If you answered yes, then below you’ll find some of the best high-density stacking chairs currently available on the UK market. 

Vesta Lightweight Stacking Chair

Vesta Lightweight High-Density Stacking Chair

Vesta Lightweight High-Density Stacking Chair

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With a lightweight tubular frame, the Vesta is the go-to high-density stacking chair for public buildings across the UK. 

Carefully upholstered in your choice of fire-retardant fabric, the Vesta is an attractive, modern looking chair that will unobtrusively fit into any setting. 

It’s a highly flexible and customisable chair too. If required, armrests can be fitted which retain the chair’s ability to stack. 

The Vesta can also be linked – choose from either links which are welded at the centre of the frame, or loose plastic clips which can be added as and when required for linking. An additional book pocket can also be added. 

In terms of its stackability, the Vesta can be stacked 10 high on the floor, or up to 25 high when used in conjunction with the Zigzag Stacking Trolley.

Urban Lightweight Stacking Chair 

Urban Lightweight High-Density Stacking Chair

Urban Lightweight High-Density Stacking Chair

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Another bestseller here at Rosehill, the Urban is a highly-versatile high-density stacking chair which has found use in all kinds of different public buildings. 

A brilliant all-rounder, the Urban features a lightweight, yet durable frame which is available in a stylish silver finish at standard. But, you also have the option of upgrading to a darker charcoal finish. 

Despite its lightweight and durable nature, the Urban offers excellent long-term comfort thanks to its ergonomically shaped pads and back rest. What’s more, the Urban can be upholstered in either a hard-wearing fire retardant fabric or an easy to clean waterproof fabric of vinyl. 

Like the Vesta above, the Urban can be customised to include armrests (which don’t affect stacking), linking and book pockets.

The Urban can be stacked 10 high on the floor, or up to 25 high using our Zizag Stacking Trolley

Stax 60 HD Stacking Chair

Stax 60 HD Stacking Chair

Stax 60 High-Density Stacking Chair

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If you really do need to store your seating in a compact way, then the Stax is the perfect high-density stacking chair for you. 

Why? Because, when used with a trolley, the Stax can be stacked 60 high!

Thanks to its moulded slimline seat and back, the Stax doesn’t sacrifice comfort for stackability. 

The seat and backs are made from a high-performance, reinforced polyolefin resin which can be produced in 6 colours. 

The Stax is also highly durable too. That’s thanks to its 11mm solid steel rod frame which will add plenty of strength to each seat. Aside from their robust construction, the frames on the Stax are available in different finishes including chrome or an EPC colourway to match the seats and backrests. 

Even better, the Stax has been tested to the safety and stress tests ANSI-BIFMA X5-1-2017 and ANSI-BIFMA X5-1-1-2017/17, and comes with a 10-year warranty.

The Stax also comes with the option of linking so that the chairs can be easily linked together. 

Gallery Stacking Chair

Gallery High-Density Stacking Chair

Gallery High-Density Stacking Chair

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If you prefer a wood finish to your high-density stacking chairs, then the Gallery is for you. 

Lightweight, yet strong, and available in a choice of 5 different wood finishes (with other colours available on request), the Gallery is ideal for more traditional settings such as churches and crematoriums. 

Not only is the Gallery an easy-to-maintain chair, but it’s also further customisable for comfort, with the option to add seat and back pads if required. 

The Gallery is beautifully designed and almost resembles a work of art. So, if you’re looking for a high-density stacking chair that’s also beautiful, consider the Gallery. 

Having said that, it’s not just about the looks. The Gallery is highly stackable, and can be stacked 15 high on the floor, and up to 20 high on the Gallery Transport Trolley

How to buy high-density stacking chairs

Are you ready to order? As you may be aware, ordering contract furniture for public buildings is a bit different to ordering furniture for your home. 

But, here at Rosehill, we endeavour to make ordering high-density stacking chairs as easy and straightforward as possible. 

In many instances, you can place an order and buy directly through our website.

However, we know that sometimes you’ll want to speak to someone first, so our friendly, helpful sales team is available to chat on 0161 485 1717 or by email at: sales@rosehill.co.uk

Guide – to find out more about the best times to order contract furniture, read our guide here.

Where to buy high-density stacking chairs

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