The Stax 60 HD Stacking chair is the highest stacking chair available from Rosehill. You can stack an incredible 60 high on a heavy duty Transport Trolley, which will fit through most standard doorways. They also stack 20 high on the floor. The moulded slimline seat and backs are made of high-performance, reinforced polyolefin resin in a choice of 6 modern colours. The 11mm solid rod frame ensure strength without compromising the design. The frames can be in a chrome finish, or an EPC colourway to match the seats. Stax60 is the ideal choice for customers who value style and practicality as equally important factors. Stax60 carries a 10 year warranty and has been tested to the safety and stress tests: ANSI-BIFMA X5-1-2017 ANSI-BIFMA X5.1-1-2017/17.

  • Lightweight construction and 100% recyclable
  • High stacking – up to 60 on Transport Trolley
  • Shaped seat and back in 6 colour finishes
  • Options include linking to fix the chairs together in a row

Press play below, to see the impressive Stax 60 in action.