Environmental Policy

Our Commitment. Rosehill Furniture Group is committed to achieving the highest standards of environmental performance and recognises its corporate responsibility to the environment. Rosehill Furniture Group acknowledges that its operations have a direct and indirect environmental impact and aims to minimise that impact and operate in an environmentally responsible manner.


Rosehill Furniture Group will develop, implement and continuously review an environmental management system, consistent with local operating conditions and legislation.

General Policy

This statement reflects Rosehill Furniture Group intention to provide and maintain an environmentally sustainable management system.

Although the standards established by national legislation will apply as a minimum, Rosehill Furniture Group will always strive to achieve best practice in the local context of every country in which we operate.

Statement of Principles

Rosehill Furniture Group will, so far as is reasonably practicable:

1. Ensure environmental risks are properly identified, prioritized and managed in an appropriate and timely way.

2. Establish sound environmental management policies and promote best practice.

3. Manage its operations in ways that are environmentally sustainable and economically feasible, by making efficient and environmentally responsible use of energy and water and exploiting opportunities to maximise efficiency.

4. Minimise environmental impact and reduce or, where practicable, prevent pollution.

5. Minimise waste production by reduced consumption and develop effective waste management and recycling procedures.

6. Collaborate with key suppliers to promote environmentally responsible procurement of goods and services.

7. Monitor actively results and audit policies and practices to ensure Rosehill Furniture Group meets its policy goals.

8. Develop an HR policy to raise and maintain awareness

amongst staff and promote individual good practice and encourage team participation.

9. Recognise the legitimate interest that all its stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and employees have in its environmental performance and communicate openly within Rosehill Furniture Group and to the outside community.

It is the duty of all employees to conform to the environmental policy.

The directors of Rosehill Furniture Group give their full support to the implementation of these principles.