For schools looking to optimise their furniture budget the Postura Junior Poly chairs are an affordable way to introduce ergonomic seating to your classroom.  The Postura Junior Poly chairs are colourful, comfortable and super strong with a 20 year guarantee, while being lightweight, easy to carry and stack.  Designed with children in mind the legs have a large footprint for anti-rocking.  The poly shell also stays cleaner longer and is difficult to scratch or write on making the Postura Junior Poly the ideal classroom seating solution.  There are 15 standard colours (4 colours for EN1) or if you are ordering more than 250 chairs speak to our Sales Team about ordering your own custom colour.

  • Superior ergonomics makes all-day sitting more comfortable
  • Smooth “waterfall edge” behind knees promotes good posture
  • Lower back design and ventilation for comfort in hot summers
  • Wide range of sizes covering all junior age groups up to young adults

The adult size Postura Poly chair can be found here & the Postura Stools here.