The Media Card Index Cabinets provide a combination of A5 and A6 shallow drawers which have been designed to accommodate traditional paper or card storage or new media (CD’s, DVD’s etc).  Each drawer in the Media Card Index Cabinets has a 50kg carrying capacity.  The drawers can be fully extended so you can fill them all the way to the back with easy access.  Providing the units are on level ground the Anti-Tilt Locking Mechanism promises a stable base for a solid piece of furniture.  As with most of our office storage products there is a wide choice of colour finishes available for the metal work.

  • 100% drawer extension
  • Choice of three sizes of lockable cabinets
  • Optional divider plates available
  • 15 Year guarantee

These Cabinets are all the same height as the Four Drawer Filing Cabinet for conformity.