The Faith chair was designed to give our customers the flexibility of having individual church chairs that could be linked in a row to form a continuous seat to imitate traditional pews.  The comfort is exactly the same if you sit on one chair or on two linking chairs. If your place of worship struggles with capacity this is ideal faith furniture for your church as you aren’t limited to seating by the number of chairs. The Faith chair is one of our most practical church faith furniture models and has the following options stacking, underails and arms.

  • Large comfortable seat pad and deep back pad for support
  • Put together the chairs to form bench seating
  • Options of bookboxes or underails for storage
  • Mortise and Tenon joints

NB. If you opt for the stacking version the seat pads still butt up next to each other to form a continuous bench seat View Faith Stacking Chairs In Situ