One of the easiest, quickest and most effective ways to give your pub a new lease of life is with new hospitality furniture. If your existing furniture is tired, worn and dated then investing in new tables and chairs can have a major impact, being one of the first things customers notice.

First impressions count across the hospitality sector which is why it’s so important to update your restaurant and hospitality furniture regularly. Whilst yes, the food, drinks and the service are important, the overall atmosphere and impression are crucial to the success of your business, and are key to encouraging customers to return again, and again.

When selecting contract furniture for your dining space, whether this is a cafe, pub, beer garden, or restaurant, we know it can be a difficult choice. Let Rosehill help you find a practical solution, here’s a couple of things you should first consider before making a purchase;

  • Ensure your seating is easy to clean. Check if it’s wipeable, if not; can you stretch your budget to upgrade to a wipeable or more hygienic upholstery?
  • The weight of your restaurant chairs can often be a deciding factor depending on how flexible your dining space is. If you’re often changing your space, or perhaps you regularly hold events, then you may want to consider a lightweight option.
  • Similarly, do you need to store your furniture? Rosehill has a wide range of stacking chairs suitable for multi-use spaces.
  • Will you be serving food and drinks outdoors? With a large selection of contract outdoor dining furniture available you’ll be spoilt for choice.
  • Comfort really helps create a good overall customer experience – and the good news is, comfort doesn’t have to cost a lot. Whatever you decide, small changes can often make a huge difference when it comes to comfort; it could be as simple as reupholstering some chairs or changing some tabletops.
  • Other considerations would be the frame and construction of the contract dining furniture. At Rosehill you have the choice to opt for either a plastic, metal or wooden based chair. For instance, a poly chair would be ideal for takeaways, canteens, or somewhere similar with a high turnover, but in a slower-paced restaurant or fine dining establishment, you may want to consider something more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Given the pandemic and recent changes, it might even be time to consider updating your outdoor seating and beer garden furniture to ensure customers really get the most out of their dining experience. Summer is fast approaching, and already customers are choosing to enjoy alfresco dining in the sunshine, with friends and family.

If you already offer an outside dining space for your customers to enjoy, as the weather warms up it’s probably a great time to start updating your current offering.

You’re probably already aware that over time, materials such as wood and metal can rot and rust when left out in the (awful) British weather if you don’t opt for a high-quality material and hospitality dining option. Some of our great outdoor furniture options include wood, ‘likewood’, metal and so many more, ensuring there really is a suitable style for everyone.

Updating your outside furniture can be the difference between customers coming back time and time again in the summer, or choosing to go elsewhere.

Update your Hospitality Furniture with Rosehill

If you are looking for pub or restaurant contract furniture at affordable prices then Rosehill have a wide range of styles, finishes and sizes. Durability is our highest priority when it comes to supplying contract dining chairs and tables. From our experience in the industry, our customers highest priority is the longevity of the product and how it will stand the test of time in a restaurant or pub setting. We offer a minimum of 12 months guarantee with our cafe, dining, and hospitality furniture.

As a restaurant or pub owner, you are most likely aware that each of your decisions is a direct reflection of your business values. In the restaurant industry—one that is incredibly reliant on attracting repeat customers—creating a strong first impression will be incredibly important. Investing in new furniture and maintaining the look and decor of your bar or restaurant attracts new and existing customers.

Rosehill have a comprehensive range of restaurant, bar and café furniture from chairs, to table and even outdoor options.