Rosehill has been providing quality contract furniture for over 30 years, including reception and waiting room furniture. Our range of waiting room furniture includes a number of different options which are popular amongst professional establishments.

Our extensive range of waiting room furniture includes, beam seating, easy chairs and side chairs, coffee tables and other accessories to help complete your waiting room and enhance your space. Whilst most of our furniture is made to order in a large choice of colours, it means that your furniture can be manufactured and tailored to meet your exact requirements.

As we consider ourselves experts in not only furniture, but the waiting room sector, we’ve rounded up 5 of our best-selling furniture items that you NEED in your waiting room.

Beam Seating

Starting with beam seating. We have a varied collection of beam seating options starting with affordable, lower end options, up to a higher end, luxury beam seating. It really just depends on the environment for what you choose. We also have freestanding or fixed beam seating to choose from, all of which can be upholstered in a colour and fabric of your choice. This is ideal because you can choose a colour to match your current decor perfectly.

Beam seating is particularly ideal for waiting rooms or reception areas, because they tend to save space, whilst still remaining practical. Plus with our range, you can feel confident knowing that your waiting room furniture will be modern, stylish and durable.

Here’s one of our favourite options for beam seating. It’s got a slightly higher price point but it oozes style and elegance.

Executive Beam Seating

Waiting Room Furniture

Lounge Chairs

The Rosehill lounge chairs are a stylish and comfortable addition to your waiting room, and may help your customers to feel more comfortable whilst waiting. Most of our lounge chairs do have optional arms for extra added comfort. We think that easy chairs offer a more luxurious seating arrangement, plus we can help you to choose a either a fabric or leather upholstery to match your current interior in your waiting room or reception area.

The Gogo Lounge chair is one of our favourite choices due to it’s contemporary finish…

Waiting room furniture


Modular Seating

You’ve probably heard us mention this before but we love modular seating! It allows you to creatively use your waiting room or reception space. It’s particularly ideal if you’re looking for a seating solution that offers flexibility, or perhaps your space is somewhat limited? The range includes either single or double seats, or the full sofa model. You can even customise these to a fabric, colour or pattern of your choice. What’s not to love?

Waiting Room Furniture


Coffee Tables

Although we’re specialists in seating solutions, we can offer coffee tables for your reception and waiting room space. We offer a durable and sturdy frame, in a choice of different wood finishes to compliment your current decor. What’s more, they’re super durable!

Waiting room furniture

If you’d like some advice and guidance when it comes to re-designing and customising your recpetion area or waiting room, then our sales team would be happy to help and advise what products would be suitable for your space. Plus, we have a purpose built showroom that we welcome customers to visit  and sample our furniture.

If you have any enquiries then you can contact Rosehill on 0162 485 1717.