Whether dividing desk space or an entire office area, our new protective screen solutions provide an element of privacy for employees, allowing them to define their own space to physically establish social distance and give psychological comfort. Limit the risk of airborne germs between colleagues when people return to work by providing cough and sneeze barriers to help reduce contact throughout the workplace.

Free-standing 3-sided high screens

If colleagues are too close and workplaces are too densely populated, then people will naturally feel uncomfortable in the space, so high 3-sided screens can be added to existing furniture to provide a protective barrier, whether on single desk or bench desk clusters. Screens are available in smooth MFC panels that can be fully cleaned, with the option to use fabrics to block potentially harmful virus transmission through talking, coughing and sneezing.

Desk division floor standing screens

Floor standing desk dividers are available in smooth white MFC panels or fully upholstered in a selection of fabric options to allow employees to define their own boundaries and provide an additional barrier to help prevent the spread of airborne diseases. They are available as one height to sit on the floor and rest on desktops, table tops and workstations to negate the need to reconfigure existing spaces by applying appropriate distance between people.

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