At Rosehill, we work with a lot of manufacturers. These are predominantly in the UK or Europe. Where possible, it’s always good to get out and visit the factories. It’s one of the ways we get a better understanding of how the items we offer are made, which helps us to better advise our customers. It’s also often quite interesting too!

Today we went to see one of the manufacturers we work with in Lancashire. Being based on the other side of Manchester to the Rosehill offices, it is only a short drive out. This factory produces a wide range of items including; sofas, soft seating, lounge chairs, task chairs, tables and more.

Visits like this give us the opportunity to try the chairs for ourselves too. Like with our customers, we didn’t all agree on which was most comfortable! When deciding which item to purchase, trying different seating to see which model will best suit your wide range of users can be important. Our customers can arrange a visit to the factory showroom, if they want to take advantage of this service. For more information, or to confirm the products available to view, please call 0161 485 1717.

Seeing the furniture in the flesh, is also really good to see the detail and quality of the products, as well as try the comfort. A lot of products have multiple finishes, frame or base types and optional extras. When making a large purchase these details matter, and it provides peace of mind in what you are buying.

For us at Rosehill, we also like to see the factory floor and how the items are put together. They have a great setup here and it makes you appreciate the skill and craft of the people making furniture, combined with how well organised the machine work is for cutting the patterns, boards, fabrics and frames.