When it comes to creating a comfortable, welcoming and inspirational classroom environment, the right furniture can make all the difference. The colourful Postura range of chairs is ideal for pupils of all ages and sizes. Available in adult sizes for older students and several junior sizes for younger children, the Postura provides comfortable seating for everyone.

Separate groups or classes using different colours

If you regularly need to split pupils into groups for work projects or for other reasons, differently coloured Postura chairs are a simple way to do this. The chairs act as a visual reminder of the different groups and add a fun splash of colour to the classroom. Alternatively, choose chairs in a whole host of random colours to create an appealing and playful look in a classroom for small children.

Of course, with so many colours to choose from – including muted neutrals and bright primary colours – it is possible to create any look and feel you want in your classrooms.

Neatly stack chairs away when not in use

Postura chairs are designed to be stacked when they are not needed. This frees up valuable space and makes it easy to move chairs out of the way for cleaning or other activities. The chairs can be safely stacked to a height of 12 chairs, which is much higher than many other models.

Ensure pupils are comfortable all year round

Postura chairs are cleverly designed to provide comfort in all conditions. With ventilated backs that allow air to circulate, they will prevent pupils from becoming hot and bothered during spells of warm weather. They are also shaped with a smooth curve to the seat, making it easy for children to sit right back on the seat or perch on the edge of the chair as they prefer. There is also a ‘waterfall’ edge at the front of the seat, meaning there are no uncomfortable hard edges to press into the backs of the knees. The basic chair model is extremely comfortable; in addition, features such as seat pads are available if required.

If you are interested in learning more about the popular Postura range of chairs, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Postura chairs are some of our best sellers, so we know all there is to know about this fantastic range and will be delighted to share our thoughts and advice on the subject!