To all of our valued customers,

With the Covid-19 situation developing quickly, many businesses are considering closure. The coronavirus is affecting us all and the directives change on a daily basis. 

 As it stands, Rosehill will remain open whilst the country deals with the spread of the virus. That said we are happy to inform you that all of our employees are currently well and in good health. 

 Our first priority at Rosehill is to minimise the risk to both staff and customers, whilst continuing to provide a high standard of service. The procedures and policies that we are immediately adopting are as follows:

 Showroom visits and appointments:

 Unfortunately, for the foreseeable future the showroom will be closed to customers. This is to mitigate the risk and spread of the virus, and also follows social distancing protocols. If you already have a showroom appointment booked, please give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss alternative options. Please note although face to face meetings will be cancelled, where possible we will aim to have telephone appointments. 

 General hygiene:

 All members of staff have been briefed about the latest Government’s guidelines. Our cleaning routines and hygiene standards have intensified and hand washing is an absolute priority. Any members of staff feeling unwell or who feels that they may have been exposed to the virus have been instructed to self-isolate.

Continuity of business:

It is our mission to continue to provide customers with a high level of service throughout this time. Should it become necessary to reduce staffing within our offices, we are preparing for people to work remotely, enabling to continue with day to day business with minimal disruptions.

Delivery of products:

Our products are sourced and produced in factories all across Europe and with many countries closing their borders or restricting access to essential travel only this may affect supply chains and in turn estimated delivery dates.

We are currently working closely with our partners to minimise disruption as much as possible and will endeavour to keep you updated until such a time the situation improves.

Our priority is to keep our staff and clients safe and to continue business with as little disruption as possible. Please contact us if you have any concerns or queries regarding this.

A message to all – stay positive, calm, and look after yourselves.