With the run up to busy festive period we thought that this might be a useful blog post for all types of businesses. We realise that Christmas can be an expensive and somewhat hectic time, leaving little time or budget for refurbs or ordering new furniture and seating.

That’s why we thought we’d do a little piece on our range of added extra’s which can be utilised to either make your furniture more flexible, or even give them a quick make-over or refresh.

First of all, Rosehill stock and supply a range of different furniture trolleys including chair and table trolleys. If your establishment is a multi-purpose environment, then these can be super useful to move and store furniture when the extra space is needed for other events. Check out the selection here.

Secondly, we also offer replacement pad service if you’re seating is in need of some TLC. We have a wide range of different fabrics and colours so that you can ensure your new pads match perfectly to your current furniture and decor, or alternatively you can opt for something completely different, the choice is yours! In fact, just recently we added a blog on how to swap your chair pads, so make sure you have a quick read.

Other extras include, keyhole linking devices and caps allowing you to link chairs,  foot ferrules to stop chairs from skidding or scratching floors, book boxes and even kneelers ensuring we can meet all of our customer’s requirements no matter how big or small. You can see our full selection of extras here but a member of our sales is always available and happy to answer any queries.