Church Furniture

Rosehill have specialised in church and chapel furniture for over 3 decades.  In particular we have been the market leader in church chairs.  Keeping with tradition solid wooden framed seating is still the preferred option in most churches.  Comfort is also of high importance, especially for churches with an ageing congregation.  While we offer some chairs which are all wood our fully upholstered chairs form the core of our church range.  All of the wooden church chairs available can be fitted with arms too.

The Churchill Deluxe with its large shaped seat and extra deep back pad is our best-selling church chair.  For churches looking to maximise their seating capacity the Faith is ideal.  When linked the chairs form a continuous bench seat imitating a pew, while still offering the flexibility of chairs.  With churches increasingly becoming multi-purpose buildings we find stacking is becoming more and more important.  The Maxim Deluxe is our most popular wooden framed stacking chair, as well as being considered one of our most comfortable models.

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Depending on how your worship space is used a metal framed model may be more suitable.  The metal framed chairs are generally lighter & more durable than the wooden counterparts.  This means for regularly moving and stacking your chairs these may be a better option.  The R56 Coronet chair is our best-selling metal chair.  Options on this chair include increasing the width and/or the Roll-Front seat which increases comfort and supports the backs of your legs.  The Lightweight Stacking chair is exactly as the name suggests a very light model which is easy to move.  It stacks an impressive 25 high on a trolley.

As well as seating Rosehill manufacture a large range of Sanctuary items – including Lecterns.  As well as the standard products shown online we can also make bespoke furniture too.  Just get in touch with your requirements and our sales team will be happy to quote.

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Since our website launched in May this year we are constantly updating and adding to our range.  Some items are not yet available to order online.  If you can’t find the product you’re looking for just give our helpful Sales Team a call on 0161 485 1717 to discuss your requirements.  You can also request samples, fabric swatches or arrange a visit to our showroom.

We accept orders online or by email, fax and post.  The payment methods we accept are bank transfer, cheque or credit/debit card.