Seating is key to the way your church or place of worship is used.  Many church interiors were designed to suit the styles of those practiced by worshiping communities, however today church seating has become more and more modern.

Seating needs to serve a function and be practical for your place of worship, particularly because Churches are often multi-use community spaces. Not only is it important that the seating offers flexible solutions for the space, but it’s also important that the furniture matches the churches aesthetics.

There are various reasons why it might be time to update your church furniture and at Rosehill, we have come across a large handful, for example;

It’s uncomfortable  

Have you noticed people fidgeting and finding it difficult to sit through services? Your pews or chairs are probably worn and uncomfortable. We stock and supply a large range of comfortable seating options with deep cushions seat and back pads. Particularly with old pews, you might notice some are looking worst for wear, with splinters. Our wooden framed chairs are a great, modern and versatile alternative to pews and come with a 6 year guarantee.

Limited space

Do you need more space? Is your church used for community meetings and other activities? Pews or old church chairs can take up a lot of unnecessary space, and if your required to move and store these regularly it can be quite a pain. That’s why we supply a range of stackable and lightweight chairs, providing you with the up-most convenience. This can be particularly useful if your trying to make the building more accessible for wheelchair users or prams.

New ways of worshiping

If pews don’t suit the way you worship anymore, it might be the case that you require seating which is more flexible and informal, particularly if worshiping varies from service to service.


The chances are that if your church has recently undergone a refurb, your seating is going to need upgrading to match. We offer a range of modern or traditional seating to suit all requirements.

We’re sure there are many more reasons why you might want to consider replacing your Church chairs, however we’ve touched on a few of the main ones above. Let us know your thoughts.