The average desk worker spends approximately 1,900 hours over the course of a year sat on an office chair. So you can see why we think it’s important to make sure the chairs you buy, are good for the job.

There is research to suggest that not using a supportive chair, can cause problems such as poor circulation and most commonly, aching neck and back. That’s why choosing the right chairs for your office can make a huge difference, not only to health, but also office productivity.

Rosehill supply a range of chairs which are ergonomically designed to help posture and maintain comfort. Our Capital Task Chair for example, has a comfortable mesh backrest and lumbar support, with 5 back rest and seat positions. Lumbar support provides additional pelvis support and balance for the spinal column.

There are other factors which are also important to look at when purchasing office chairs. Most people don’t realise that swivel chairs are very useful for minimising strains, and it allows you to twist and reach for things much easier than a static chair would. Secondly, height adjustable chairs can also be really useful, depending on the positioning of your desk, computer screen or keyboard.

The final component to research before buying is the material. If you opt for a mesh back chair, which allows ventilation it can keep you much cooler. If you’re like me however, and have a heater under your desk, because you are ALWAYS cold, then I wouldn’t advise the mesh back until the weathers a bit warmer!

Choosing the right chair is essential to comfort, and when you spend five days a week sat in it, it really needs to be a higher priority.

If you’re not sitting comfortably, then give our sales team a call or arrange an appointment to visit our showroom.