This week, our focus is on Martin, Rosehill’s general manager for furniture and small works.

We wanted to ask him a couple of questions about the industry and Rosehill’s plans for the future. Let us know what you think..

Q: What’s the furniture industry like for Rosehill at the moment?

A: Well we distribute across a number of sectors but we’re also continuously growing and expanding Rosehill, so the industry must be doing well. Church is obviously a huge industry for us and a lot of our business comes from customer recommendations, so we usually find this to be quite consistent. Small works is a new leg to the company which is really racing ahead at full speed. We’re receiving tenders quite regularly, so this is really exciting. Although summer does always seem to be our busiest time of year, we’re aiming to keep a steady pace throughout and in to 2017.

Q: What are the plans for Rosehill in the next few years in regards to small works and loose furniture?

A: Our main goal is to continue on this path of success and growth. We aim to keep a main focus on church furniture for the rest of the year with the hope to enter the hospitality market in 2017, including hotels and restaurants. Second on the agenda is to keep on with small works but to also expand this further in 2017. More and more companies are looking for furniture solutions including design and fit out, so we’re happy to provide that and reach the demands of customers.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at Rosehill?

A: The customers! It’s really rewarding to see our church and education customers completely transform their environment with new Rosehill furniture. We usually aim to follow up each customer within a years time of delivery to see how they’re getting on and most of the time we get great feedback and reviews.  Providing a great after-sales service really makes a huge difference and brings us repeat business and word of mouth customers!

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