So if you’re here reading this blog then I would imagine that you’re looking to purchase some Lightweight Folding Tables. Well if you’re struggling to decide which ones to choose, then hopefully this blog post will help. There are many benefits for both the standard and premium versions of the Lightweight Folding Tables, so it really does depend on your individual needs and requirements.

Lets start with with the standard Lightweight Folding Table:

It’s both strong and durable with simple, easy to use folding legs. With polyethylene plastic tops which are super durable, they won’t chip, split or stain which is a huge selling point in terms of product longevity. Plus they’re hygienic and wipe-able really making them ideal for any function.

The tables can either come as they are, or with a folding table trolley which allows them to be stacked and stored. They’re a flexible table and can be used both indoors and outdoors which opens up for possibilities.

If that’s not enough, you can match the tables across 3 different sizes and shapes including square, rectangular and circular.

Prices for the standard version are from £49.92 and as with all Rosehill purchases, savings can be made on bulk purchases.

Lightweight Folding tables Lightweight Folding tables

Lightweight Folding table Circular

Now for the Premium Lightweight Folding Table:

Similarly these are also ultra durable and hard wearing. They’re a modern choice suitable for most modern public buildings. However, these tables have a steel box frame, which includes folding legs with a cross brace. Complete with manual locking legs, they’re much safer, sturdier with increase stability.

Although they’re designed for demanding high use environments, they remain lightweight so again they’re ideal for storing if needs be. A newer feature on this model includes built in linking clips which allows you to securely fix rectangular tables together.

Now, these only come in two sizes, 4ft and 5ft whereas the standard version comes in 3ft as well. That said you can choose between circular or rectangular tables, and finished with a warm grey colour, they’d compliment any village hall, community center, school or church.

One of the main differences, is the higher price point from £86.29.

Lightweight Folding tables


Now hopefully, that quick comparison will come in useful when making your final decision but if you still need more direction, then we welcome any telephone queries. Get in touch on 0161 485 1717.