Modern school furniture is designed and constructed with posture in mind, and as a child, its especially important to be sitting comfortably in order to prevent back problems.

Some chairs which are designed to help children sit up straight, are not particularly useful when it comes to reading or writing. In fact, often when sat in the upright position, you’re not close enough to the desk in order to read or write comfortably, and instead you bring your head closer to the desk and eventually your neck begins to ache.

Research also shows that the most significant cause of lower back pain in children and adolescents is caused by inappropriate furniture at school and in the home. Children between the ages of 5 and 16 are likely to spend around 15,000 hours sitting down, so you can see why it’s so important. Increased awareness for classroom posture has now led to the new European Standard, Approved Classroom Posture Regulations EN1729, which was created to set out dimensions for school furniture based on size marks and extra heights for improved posture.

Not all furniture ranges comply, however seat shape and design which remove pressure points but offer lumbar support can help to ensure improved classroom posture. Furthermore, height adjustability can offer individuals complete comfort and flexibility in the classroom.

Rosehill stock a wide range of ergonomic classroom furniture which are flexible and comfortable. For more item specifics, browse through our range on our website or contact the sales team who can advise you and offer samples for you to try out.

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