The office is now taking shape with the new furniture installed earlier this week.  We’ve mixed up a few different models.  So if you would like to come and view the different items our office will form part of our showroom so you can come and get some inspiration for your own work-space.  We have:

  • Bench desking with upholstered screen divider
  • Single desk with A Frame
  • Deluxe Jazz office desk with a freestanding pedestal on castors
  • Jazz Tower Storage
  • Medium height lockable storage cupboards
  • Tall storage cupboard with lockable sliding doors
  • Glass whiteboard (in black)

To show alternative finishes the desks have a pale grey top, which we prefer to the more popular white you see in most modern offices.  The storage units are amber oak and white MFC and the pedestal and tower units have the splash of colour with the red fronts.  The screens we decided to get as close as possible to our company branding Rosehill green!

All the products we chose are available for you to purchase.  They’ll be on the online shop shortly, but if you want anything sooner just give us a call on 0161 485 1717 and we can go through the details and process your order.  If you need help planning your office we will be happy to offer advice too.