So every year we set ourselves personal New Year’s Resolutions, but have you ever thought about any for the office? We spend roughly about a third of our lives at work so it makes sense to implement some new resolutions which everyone can get involved in + it’s a great way to get the team interacting on that dreaded fist week back! Positive changes made in the office are likely to impact the work environment, sales results/ KPI’s, productivity and even our personal lives. So here’s our office resolutions.

1.Become more engaged

We all know how easy it is to get distracted in the office, so the best way to become more engaged is to avoid these distractions. How? First of all take regular short breaks. Even a step outside and a breath of fresh air can help, or a five minute brew break. You don’t want to feel like your overloading yourself with work. Secondly, keep your phone in your bag. It’s so easy to reply to a text or have a quick look on Facebook, but that quick text soon becomes a full blow conversation. Trust me, your boss will really appreciate this one.

2. Eat right

Healthy body, healthy mind right? For most people this is a personal goal anyway, so why not introduce it to the office. It’s scientifically proven that certain foods help with brain focus and functionality, for example leafy green veg’s are full of antioxidants and carotenoids, which boost your brain power, or fish is also great to aid memory performance. We’re also stacking up on fruits such as oranges and kiwis. Perfect for the office fruit bowl but full of vitamins to help your immune system fight off germs. Everyone hates the office cold right?

3. Get more training

If you are genuinely invested in your career, seek out new workshops and training. It’s OK to admit you lack in certain areas, because it’s a great way to sow your enthusiasm towards learning new skills and developing your career. This year we’re going to ask every employee if there are any new skills they want to learn and which would be valuable for their role, by the end of the year, we aim to have all these ticked off and in turn have a happy, confident team with a set of great new skills.

4. Get Positive

It’s really easy to become tied down with too much work and let this have a negative impact on the way your feeling. Instead of becoming stressed out, try work on becoming a more uplifting and optimist worker. It’s contagious and this attitude will soon rub off on the whole office.