So we’ve already spoke about the benefits of various desks, but what about your desk organisation or workspace? If you’re slightly OCD like me, you’ll understand that the balance between a tidy, organised and personalised work space is essential for your office desk.  After all, an organised work space has been proven to increase productivity.

That’s why we’re having a mini workshop, with a few essential tips on how to organise your workspace.

Purge your office desk 

De-clutter, empty, shred or just get rid of everything you don’t need or want. Don’t be a hoarder, if you haven’t used it in a while, it’s time to think if you really need it.

Create work zones

Ok so even if you only have a small desk, establish work zones or stations. For example, is one half where your computer sits and the other half for paperwork, or do you have a designated area for food or break times?

Close Proximity

Make things a little easier for yourself and position equipment in close proximity and within reach. You can even tie this in with your ‘work zones’.


Who doesn’t like labels? Take the time to label shelves, files and other storage. Not only will it help you, but it will also help others in the office who may need to find something in your work space.

Use a filing system

You’ll be pleased to know that Rosehill sell a range of filing cabinets. I know that more and more things are digitalised in this day and age and instead stored on a hardrive, however some offices prefer a traditional filing system. It’s a good idea to sort through files on a regular  basis and throw away any unwanted paperwork. It’s also a good idea to think about going through your drawer space. I tend to hoard stationary and general bits and bobs here so perhaps take some time to organise this.

Organise your inbox

If you work regularly with certain teams or departments, create a folder, tray or inbox for each.


Everyone likes to add a personal touch to there workspace, whether this is a photo, your own mug, stationary or other trinkets, put your own stamp on it.

Have you got any other ideas? please share them with us below or tweet us @Rosehill_Group