When it comes to our furniture it’s important to choose the right upholstery and ensure our customers are satisfied with both comfort and durability. However, when it comes to fabrics, recently we have seen more and more customers opting for specialist materials resistant to stains and spillages. We’ve rounded up our best fabrics and have chosen 2 which seem to be the most up and coming for 2016. Here’s a quick summary..

The Highland fabric over the last couple of years has become one of our most popular fabrics.  For multi-use spaces having a fabric that is easy to clean has become essential for a lot of our customers.  While we still offer a wide range of wipe clean vinyls and faux leathers a softer material is usually preferred.  The Highland give you that as it’s a polyester material, but it is treated to be stain resistant and waterproof.  It was actually originally designed for the healthcare market and you can clean it with a bleach solution too.  The Highland is Crib 5 (medium hazard fire retardancy) and available in a large choice of colours.

If you looking for something the next level up then the Nappa material is just one of the “Aquaclean” materials Rosehill can use on our made to order chairs.  The revolutionary Aquaclean technology means you can clean stains using water only.  Like the Highland this is a Crib 5 material with a soft surface for comfort.

So, we decided to put them to the test and see just how stain resistant our products really are. Now, what’s the most likely spillage almost inevitable to occur in any community space? Coffee! Yep we poured coffee (and a squeeze of honey for extra stickiness) on to the Highland fabric to see how easy it was to wipe away. Watch the video below.