This is one of the most common questions we’re asked. Unfortunately, there isn’t a black and white answer. It depends on where and how the chairs are being used.

When looking at whether you should have the ability to lock your chairs together in rows, here are some considerations:

  • The total number of chairs
  • How many chairs are in each row, and how the rows are spaced apart
  • Where the fire exits are
  • What function are the chairs being used for
  • Who is using the chairs

Generally, the higher number of chairs and/or more chairs per row, linking is advisable. The safety of the people using your building is important. Fixing chairs together in rows reduces the risk of what’s know as the scatter effect. This is when someone shouts FIRE, everybody jumps up, and the chairs scatter around the rows and aisles blocking the routes to escape. The people running the building should have done a Fire Risk Assessment, which looks at the safety of the space and whether linking of the seating is needed. The Government has a guide on this here.

One last point to note; if you have links you don’t always need to use them. But without them, you don’t have the option for situations when they’re required.

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