Caring for and maintaining your furniture could really extend its life, by years. Problems need to be addressed quickly and effectively to avoid irreparable furniture damage. It may seem time consuming at first, but it will save you money on replacement furniture and repairs in the long run, plus your church, community centre or even education establishment will look better for longer.

From our years in the industry, we’ve heard so many different reasons, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common cause of furniture damage. Hopefully this will help you to avoid any future damage and perhaps improve the lifespan of your furniture…

  1. Screws becoming loose
  2. Abrasive cleaning products, cloths or scrubs (please read the care guide or label with your furniture)
  3. Not stacking or storing furniture correctly
  4. Chairs being stacked, when they’re not designed to be stacked (shop our stacking chairs instead)
  5. Furniture not being moved correctly
  6. Table tops being etched by spills of liquids
  7. Indoor furniture being used outdoors
  8. Sunlight causing colour bleaching
  9. Stains not cleaned up properly or quickly enough
  10. Furniture not being used correctly – i.e. using a foot rest as a stool and it snapping or breaking.

Now that’s just ten of our the most common causes we’ve heard over the years but all of which are avoidable. Rosehill sell furniture for all uses, and we can help you provide great aftercare. All you need to do is call our sales team and ask. We can help you find some of the most durable products on the market fit for purpose.

If you can think of anymore reasons, comment below.