To stack, or not to stack?

This is the question we are now asked by most customers when they are considering which Churchill model to purchase.  As a lot of churches are used as more than a place of worship, the need for flexible chairs for community activities alongside traditional church use has increased.  Depending on how you plan to use your new chairs here we’ll go through the differences so you can make an informed decision.

  1. The ‘standard’ version of the Churchill, Churchill Plus & Churchill Deluxe chairs is technically non-stacking.  On these chairs the seat pads go all the way to the edge of the frame – so you get a bigger cushion, and a little more comfort with it. You can top and tail the chairs to stack them two high when needed.  These chairs are generally for churches where the chairs are left out in rows for the majority of the time, and you don’t need to move them with any frequency.
  2. The ‘stacking’ version of the Churchill, Churchill Plus & Churchill Deluxe chairs have an inset seat pad, which allows the frame of the chair above to fit over the top so they stack.  If you want to mitigate any possible reduction in comfort from the narrower seat one of the optional extras is to increase the width of the chairs.  As these chairs have underails when you stack them the underails sit on the seat pad of the chair below.  For that reason we strongly recommend adding in Stacking Blocks.  These sit the chairs up at the front and help stabilise the stack.  With the blocks you can stack 4 high, or up to 5 if you are tall!  These models are generally for churches who stack intermittently, usually a few times a month.
  3. Unlike the three models mentioned above the Churchill Ultra is designed with stacking at the fore.  The curve stacking side rails create a very stable stack, with all of the contact wood on wood.  This also means if you leave them stacked for any period of time you won’t get indentations on the seat pads.  This model stacks up to 8 high, and adding a Sliding Bookbox won’t impede the stacking.  This chair is great for churches where you are stacking the chairs weekly, or if you need to move and store them out of the way.

The above are just the guidelines we offer, and from the feedback of customers.  If you aren’t sure which model is best for you please call our sales team on 0161 485 1717 who will be happy to offer further advise.  If you’d like to see the chairs you can book an appointment to our showroom, or we have a Sample Service too.