The Churchill Range of church chairs from Rosehill has been one of our most popular designs over the three+ decades we have been supplying these into chapels.  As church use has evolved with the need for more flexibility the requirements of our customers has changed too.  To help you choose the right model to fit your requirements here is Part 1 on the differences between each:

The Standard Churchill was the original model in this range.  It has the shaped seat, which features on all the models.  It also has a compact footprint and the standard 8″ long back pad.  The Churchill Plus is the next model up and this has the same footprint as the Standard chair.  So if space is tight these two versions tend to be preferred to allow you to fit in as many chairs as possible.  Where the Plus differs is it has a higher back and a deeper back pad (11″).  This change provides a big increase in comfort along with additional back support.  Next up is the Churchill Deluxe which has been one of our most popular church chairs over the last two decades.  This is a bigger chair than the Standard/Plus, and it also features the higher back and deeper back pad for maximum comfort.  The Standard, Plus and Deluxe models all include underails as standard.  Lastly we have the Churchill Ultra Stacking chair.  This has the same footprint as the Deluxe, but instead of underails if features the stacking side rails.

View more information on each model here: Churchill Standard, Churchill Plus, Churchill Deluxe & Churchill Ultra

As with all of our made to order wooden framed church chairs you can customise each with various options including; arms, linking, bookboxes, communion cup holes, non-marking feet and more.  They are manufactured in solid beech as standard, with the choice to stain the frames or upgrade to ash or oak.  There is then an extension selection of fabric or vinyl types and colours.

Part 2 about this range will go through the stacking options…