Jo is our multi-tasking, furniture expert and head of sales, AKA. superwoman. Well that’s what our customers refer to her as. At Rosehill we have a small dedicated sales team, and we think they deserve a medal for their hard work on a daily basis! So we gave Jo the next best thing (kind of) a blog post!

We (annoyingly) followed her around for the day, so we could share with our lovely readers (you) exactly what her job involves and why she goes above and beyond to help our customers!


Arrive in the office & its brew and breakfast time


The phone already starts to ring, Jo usually spends between 20 – 30 mins on the phone per customer, giving guidance and advice and trying to match exact requirements with Rosehill products.


Standard morning catch up on emails


Jo has her first appointment of the day with a customer in our showroom. This meeting lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes. At Rosehill we like to make sure the customer is entirely satisfied, and be super thorough with our show room visits.


Time to pack up some chair samples and get these sent out to customers. Depending on the size of the samples this can take a while. Ps. We pride ourselves on our great sample service available to all customers call >> 0161 485 1717 to enquire about this service.


Lunch time (best part of the day)


Takes customer call whilst on lunch because we’re just that dedicated!


Finishes lunch


Jo contacts a couple of our fabric suppliers and arranges more samples to be sent to customers.


Time to go through sales figures and compile a report of last weeks figures. Jo and the rest of the team then have a brief meeting and discuss their PAO moving forward for the rest of the week.


A customer drops by the showroom unarranged, Jo goes to assist them and this lasts 45 minutes but leads to a new order. Success!!


Jo spends this time overseeing the product range, and adding a few new products to our online portfolio, whilst also answering phone calls inbetween. Talk about multi-tasking!


Home time!

Don’t forget you can contact our sales team, including Jo, between the hours of 9am – 5am on 0161 485 1717.