At Rosehill, we’re a fan of stacking chairs but we also understand that it’s a big change to make. No matter the environment switching your chairs needs to be the right decision for you and your customers or guests. So to help you make the switch we’ve put together a quick 5 reasons why to invest in stacking chairs. Let us know what you think…

Great for flexible, multi-use environments

Stacking chairs are ideal for multi-use environments because they’re easily stored when not in use, meaning your environment can be transformed within minutes. We’ve supplied stacking chairs to churches, conference centres, hotels, schools and even outdoor areas.

Churchill Ultra Stacking Chair

Easy to move & store

With most of our stacking chairs we can supply a chair dolly or trolley allowing you to easily stack and move your chairs. Our Rosehill chair dolly’s and trolleys also allow for easy storage when not in use. Depending on the chair you opt for you can stack chairs up to 10+ and tuck away in a corner, either on a trolley or directly on a flat surface.

Urban Lightweight Stacking Chairs


If you’re short on space or use your space for different events, then stacking chairs are a great option, allowing versatility and ease. We offer wooden, poly or metal stacking chairs, which all offer different benefits and attributes. For example, wooden stacking chairs are popular for churches or wedding venues with strong construction, or poly and plastic stacking chairs are lightweight and easy to move, ideal for both outdoor and indoor uses.

Plaza Stacking Chair


We offer stacking chairs in a range of both modern or traditional styles, however our products boasts durability, comfort and are available in various materials and colours to suit any environment. We also offer stacking chairs with upholstered seat pads offering extra comfort, and style. Combining seat pads with different frame styles ensures an aesthetically pleasing look and means that your choices are almost limitless.

Gallery Stacking Chairs

So what do you think? Have we convinced you yet?

Don’t forget, you can arrange to visit our showroom and try a selection of our stacking chairs on site. Just call the office on 0161 485 1717