Project Description

St Bede’s is a Catholic college and not simply a ‘school’. They transmit the message of the Gospel and uphold the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The community aims to provide an excellence of education rooted in and sustained by the shared commitment to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

St Bede is the school patron and his dedication to the pursuit of learning and his search for knowledge of the Lord are some of the qualities that enrich their work. Both pupils and staff are valued for the unique contribution they bring to the rich diversity of the College community. They acknowledge each member to be equal in the eyes of God and worthy of respect. Parents are recognised as the primary educators of their children, and they are actively involved in decisions concerning their children’s progress. In addition, the College welcomes the advice and watchful care of the Governing Body and the Diocesan authorities.

Over the years St Bede’s College has ordered lots of furniture from Rosehill Furniture Group. The furniture is always durable and well priced and we return to Rosehill on a regular basis as we are confident in their service and quality.

Leo Fletcher, Bursar, St Bede's College