Project Description

South Lanarkshire is one of the few public authority crematoriums with abatement equipment, and therefore one of the first in the UK and the first in Scotland to comply with the new European limits on mercury emissions. The crematorium cost £4.6million, built at Sydes Brae, Blantyre on the outskirts of the town near to the countryside, with views overlooking the Clyde Valley.

South Lanarkshire Crematorium had to go through the normal procurement procedure looking at various furniture suppliers and obtaining a number of quotations. They had seen Rosehill’s products installed at a different location and so made sure that Rosehill were one of the companies they approached. The brief was not to look simply at cost or quality but value for money.

As soon as we saw the product we knew we were getting value for money. The chairs are practical and comfortable. The people who use them like the versatility of removing the end chair for wheelchair users, allowing families to sit together in their time of need.

Staff Member at South Lanarkshire Crematorium, South Lanarkshire Crematorium