Healthcare Estates Follow up

As you’re probably aware a few weeks ago we attended and exhibited at Healthcare Estates. We just wanted to follow up with a few photos from the event, which we found to be a huge success.

If you want to read more about Healthcare Estates you can read our original blog post we wrote a few months ago in the run up to the event.

Swapping your chair pads

As lots of customers know we send out lots of sample chairs.  These are for you to try out and make a decision before you buy.  This involves shipping them around the country, and they take a bit of a wear and tear.  Like our customers we prefer to repair and refresh the seating when a full replacement isn’t necessary.  Our Replacement Pads are perfect for this.  As we have lots of enquiries and orders for replacements we thought we’d show you how easy they are to swap over.

This is an R53 Millennium chair.  The frame is still in great condition so it just needs some new pads after a bit of damage to the back in transit.  On this model it’s simple with four screws in the back pad and four for the seat.  If you have an electric drill this is super quick and easy.  If not a screwdriver is fine, you’ll just need a bit more elbow grease!  Once removed carefully line up the new seat pad and screw straight into the board.  For the back pad check the pad is pushed up inside the frame to the correct position.  If you are using a drill try not to overscrew into the boards (personally I use the drill to get the screws in most of the way, then use a screwdriver to tighten them up).  From red tweed to the Linear Ink our sample is now ready to go back out for testing.


We’re going to Healthcare Estates

In October we’ll be back exhibiting at Healthcare Estates, at Manchester Central.

Healthcare Estates is a unique event, and is the only national conference and exhibition for healthcare estates and facilities. It gives attendees the opportunity to source the latest information on the latest products and services, as well as the opportunity to meet existing and new suppliers. There are over 200 exhibitors at the two day event and Rosehill are pleased to be one of them.

This will be our first time exhibiting and we’re really excited to get involved, share our knowledge and showcase our amazing high quality products. We’ll also be scheduling meetings and appointments over the two days, so if you’re attending and would like to schedule some time with our sales team, get in touch and email or alternatively call the office on 0161 485 1717.

If you want to attend, make sure you register for your ticket online here. The event will be held 9th-10th October.

We look forward to seeing you there!