Did you know that we make Catafalques?

Rosehill has been supplying a wide rage of quality contract furniture for over 3 decades. For crematoria this includes seating, lecterns, modesty panels, Catafalques and curtains on electric tracks.

Since the higher weight limits (usually around 300kg weight bearing capacity) came in to effect the company has found a much higher demand for Catafalques. These are always bespoke one-off items, as each customer tends to have slightly different needs and requirements. These include different sizes, either traditional rollers on the top section or ball-bearings if the crematorium has the need to slide a coffin in more than one direction. As they are made to order while beech or oak remain the most popular finishes, Rosehill can use a huge variety of materials and finishes to fit in with your building.

The images below are from a recent job we did for Perth and Kinross Council.  After discussing their requirements, they sent us a sketch and design idea.  After checking the specification and materials we produced the below bespoke Catafalque to fit in with the wood colour and decor of their chapel. We also supplied a number of our popular Churchill Deluxe chairs.

For more information or a quotation, please contact Rosehill on 0161 485 1717 or email

Come & Try our Isabel Chairs

We were pleased get some great feedback from customers at CRE last October on the new Isabel Stacking chairs.  These are one of our high quality designer Italian models.  You can order the chairs in either the fully upholstered version, or the wooden laminate.  The latter is perfect for churches where upholstery isn’t in keeping or practical for the interior of the building.  We’ve recently had some new pictures taken by a local photographer which you can view on the product page here or below.  You can see the shaping on the laminate shells which are what make this chair superior to other similar models.  The shaping along with the back height make this one of the most comfortable plyform chairs you will find.

If you’d like to try the chairs call 0161 485 1717 to make an appointment to view them in our showroom in Cheshire.  Or if you aren’t able to visit please call to enquire about our Sample Service.


Waiting Room

5 things to consider when designing your new waiting area

The beginning of the year seems to be a busy time with furniture orders for government organisations and other waiting rooms. If you’re thinking of updating your waiting area you may want to read our blog first. We’ve got a few top tips to give your space the ultimate refresh whilst keeping your customers, colleagues and guests in mind.

  1. Make people feel comfortable

This must be the most obvious point, but comfort really is key. Depending on the type of business you have, your guests could spend some time waiting, so you want to make sure that they’re comfortable for the duration – it’s the least you could do. Make sure that you have enough room and enough seats to sit several people at once. We’d also recommend opting for durable chairs which are suitable for long term use, but still offer comfort with a moulded seat pad.

Waiting Rooms

R2 Side Chair

  1. Provide people with enough space

Lack of space or feeling claustrophobic can really make you feel uncomfortable. Make sure you don’t overcrowd the room with furniture, and you choose furniture which is suitable for the shape and size of room.  For example, if your waiting room is quite small and square, opt for a small framed chair rather than a bulkier option. We’d recommend Dartmouth stacking chair or the Devon side chair. They’re modern, comfortable and don’t overcrowd a room.

Waiting Room

Dartmouth stacking chair

  1. Access to the receptionist

The receptionist is the first person guests interact with when entering your office or waiting room. To ensure guests feel at ease, make sure that the receptionist is easily accessible in case of any problems or delays. For example, don’t hide the reception desk around a corner, instead make it easy for people to find. We understand that the reception can’t always be manned, but consider having a phone line which can easily be picked up by a member of staff.

  1. Provide WiFi

Everywhere you go nowadays you can gain access to WiFi. By providing a guest access to WiFi, people can keep themselves occupied whilst they wait. We’d recommend using a separate secure network with a guest password. Simply put up a sign in your waiting area with the credentials. For extra security you could change the guest password on a weekly basis.

  1. Keep your guests refreshed

Why not provide a self-service coffee machine or refreshments counter. You can keep this neatly tucked away in the corner of your waiting area which will keep the place looking tidy but will also keep guests happy. Remember to have a rota of staff to check the area and keep it stocked up and clean. If you need help with finding counters or extra storage units, Rosehill can help.